Discover the advantages of a Frisomat storage building

Then consider a Frisomat storage warehouse. With decades of experience in steel construction, Frisomat delivers custom-made, sturdy steel industrial buildings that perfectly meet your requirements.

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Why Frisomat for your warehouse

Versatility in applications

Whether it is food storage, stables, warehouses or showrooms, … our buildings are designed to meet a wide range of storage needs.

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Adaptable & expandable

Frisomat warehouses are modularly designed, making them easy to adapt and expand as your business grows. This offers flexibility and a sustainable storage solution.

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Integrated solutions

We work with your regular suppliers to seamlessly integrate essential systems such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation into your new building.

Professional support

From initial planning to final assembly, Frisomat offers expert guidance to ensure each project runs smoothly and meets all expectations.

A Frisomat industrial hall

Planning to build an industrial hall? Choose Frisomat. Our steel industrial halls, available with or without office space, can be designed with a free span of up to 60 metres and side walls in various heights. Moreover, they are expandable to any length and width, making them perfect for any production or processing facility.

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Frisomat cold formed steel industrial buildings production hall

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Quality & sustainability

Strong & sustainable

Our steel structures are made of cold-formed steel, known for its strength and durability, protecting your investment from external elements.

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Fast assembly

With our assembly teams or the option of supervision by an experienced Frisomat expert, your warehouse will be set up quickly and efficiently, getting you up and running in no time.

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Customised to your needs

Whether you need additional fire doors, special insulation or integrated office spaces, we provide a building that perfectly suits your business activities.

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Discover our versatile building solutions and let us help you realise the perfect storage space for your needs. Contact us today for a personal consultation or a visit to our showroom.

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The building process with Frisomat in 10 steps

Discover the 10 steps in the process of an industrial steel building: from your quotation request to the delivery of your building.

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