Steel industrial building: cost-determining factors

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The price of your building depends on your requirements, so a fixed price cannot be given. However, by thoroughly informing yourself beforehand and listing the aspects you consider important, you will get a clear picture of the expected costs. This will allow you to prioritise and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

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What will determine the price of a steel building?

The cost of building an industrial hall or hangar depends on several important factors:

Function of the building

The function of the building significantly influences costs. Despite a uniform steel structure, personal adjustments lead to cost variations. A storage warehouse has different requirements from a showroom, due to differences in insulation, interior design, finishes, …

Dimensions & options

The total area and the options chosen such as doors, windows, insulation, … are crucial for determining the cost. Through our website, you can easily forward a request with your specific requirements to receive an appropriate quote.

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Raw material prices

The price of steel can fluctuate, affecting costs, especially for larger projects. Frisomat buys large quantities of steel every year to ensure the best prices.

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Foundation works

Foundation quality is essential. Our lighter, cold-rolled steel structure can provide significant savings on foundation costs compared to traditional heavier structures.

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Additional points of interest

Important factors in evaluating the cost of your construction project.


Windows, lighting, heating, ventilation systems or solar panels, … can improve the user experience and influence operational costs.


Adding office spaces or mezzanines increases the cost but also the usability of the space.


Depending on the intended use of the building, insulation can range from essential to optional.


Local building regulations and substrates can influence construction costs. Thanks to its worldwide experience, Frisomat has extensive knowledge about building on various substrates and in accordance with local regulations.

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Many entrepreneurs choose our steel industrial buildings because of their quick payback period and excellent value for money. Our efficient production and construction system significantly reduces material, transport and labour costs. While our prefabricated construction system gives you a clear cost overview. Thanks to short delivery and assembly times, the construction process is smooth and with minimal disruption, so your building can be occupied quickly. All this contributes to a quick return on your investment.

In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match your company’s specific requirements. By using high-quality steel, we guarantee a sustainable investment, ensuring a building that meets both your current and future needs.

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