Building dreams in steel since 1978

Since 1978, Frisomat has been helping businesses around the world realise their dreams and ambitions with our unique and sustainable steel building system. We are proud of our work; have a look at our achievements over the years. 


First hangar model

Frisomat, the family business founded by Guy Somers, starts with one basic type of hangar: a round steel construction.

1978 1


First building project

The first cold-formed steel building is constructed for the Betterfood company in Kapellen.

1980 2


Construction of own company site

Frisomat buys a hectare of land at Stokerijstraat 79 in Wijnegem to build its own production facility and office.

1983 3


Headquarters in Belgium

Construction starts on the Frisomat headquarters in Belgium: the first office of 9 affiliates.

1984 4


Efficient transport of steel buildings

Heavily loaded trucks carrying 3 steel buildings on their way to France. Our unique cold-formed steel construction system, which is 30% lighter and 50% less bulky, allows us to transport larger volumes by truck or container.

1984 5


Frisomat expands across the globe

The first container is loaded for export. We have since built 37,000 buildings in more than 100 countries.

1985 6


Expansion to Portugal

A new affiliate is founded in Portugal.

1989 7


Automating our production line

A fully automated line is installed at our Belgian production facility in Wijnegem. We continue to invest in the expansion and automation of our production.

1990 8


Further expansion

Frisomat enters the Dutch market with a new affiliate.

1990 9


After the Netherlands, Hungary follows

A year after the Netherlands, a new branch opens in Hungary.



Keep on innovating

Frisomat affiliate managers visit the first truss frame building. Frisomat is constantly improving the techniques used to construct its steel buildings.

1992 10


Meeting with affiliates

First sales meeting with Sales Managers from France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands.

1992 11


Frisomat continues to grow

Frisomat Bulgaria is founded. Frisomat expands further with a new affiliate.

1993 12


Trumpf laser cutting machine

Further improvement and automation of the production facility in Wijnegem with the Trumpf laser cutting machine.

1993 13


Headquarters from the air

An aerial view of the Frisomat production facility and offices in Wijnegem, Belgium.

1994 14



Construction of the new production facility for subsidiary Hahbo. Hahbo specialises in modular timber construction: whether it’s for classrooms, clubhouses, office buildings, annexes or holiday homes, Hahbo’s ecological building system provides a fast and sustainable answer.

1995 15


Shipment of coils

The first shipment of coils arrives from Linz in Austria. They are unloaded at the quay adjacent to our company site in Wijnegem.

1996 16


Around the globe

Frisomat continues to expand worldwide, with a new affiliate opening in Romania in 1996.

Frisomat Romania Otopeni Industrial Hall Office Exterior Frisomat


Off to Poland

A new Frisomat affiliate is started in Poland.

Frisomat Poland Industrial Hall Office Exterior Frisomat


Frisomat at the World Expo

Frisomat constructs the Belgian Pavilion at the World Expo, Lisbon.

1998 17


Van Praet’s Pagaddertoren in Antwerp

On the occasion of 200 years of the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce, Frisomat builds the Pagaddertoren in Antwerp, designed by architect Frans Van Praet. Van Praet’s Pagaddertoren references to towers built in the period from 1501 to 1540 close to the houses of wealthy merchants. The modern version is 27 metres high and stands on Steenplein at the foot of the Zuiderterras. Over the course of six months, as many as 65,000 people climb the tower.

2000 18


Prince Filip on a visit

Prince Filip pays a visit to Frisomat. The visit starts with a working meeting where Prince Filip is introduced to all aspects of the company. He then tours the offices and the factory. The visit concludes with a short informal reception with all employees.

2003 19


The Frisomat innovation centre

Inauguration of the ‘new’ multifunctional test and demo building on the Frisomat site. The building is used to provide training and demonstrations for the unique Frisomat steel construction system.

Frisomat | offices


A 114-metre production line

Frisomat invests in a production line for insulation panels – the largest in Belgium at 114 metres. The line can produce 8 types of wall and roof panel with a thickness of up to 30 cm, at a rate of up to 8 metres per minute.

Frisomat fabriek 0012


New production facility in Monte Mor, Brazil

In early April 2011, Frisomat lays the foundation stone of its new production facility in Monte Mor, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. In the presence of Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters and Brazilian authorities, Frisomat announces the start-up of its first Brazilian production unit for the second half of 2011.

2011 20


As a world first, a 50-metre free span in cold-rolled steel

As a world first, Frisomat develops a 50-metre free span in cold-rolled steel for an industrial warehouse of 6,250 m² at a South American port terminal. Today, we even realise free spans of up to 60 metres.

SONY DSC 2 Industrial Hall Production Interior Frisomat



Subsidiary Hahbo markets the prefabricated timber building module LLEXX. The first show model is later relocated and reused as office space for subsidiary Interloods.

Hahbo School Hahbo School Exterior Frisomat


Subsidiary Frisokit sees light of day

Launch of subsidiary Frisokit. Frisokit sells high-quality hangars in galvanised steel in self-assembly kits. The ideal solution for companies, individuals and associations for the most diverse applications such as storage, agriculture, workshops or hobby rooms.

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Subsidiary Hahbo develops the Cango, a durable and solid assisted living home. You can preview a show model on our Frisomat site.

Hahbo Modular Hahbo Informal Care Exterior Frisomat


Frisomat keeps investing

Frisomat continues to modernise its production with the purchase of an enormous metal laser machine. The laser machine allows the most complex shapes to be cut out fast and precisely. This technique contributes to more efficient and accurate production of products and parts.

DSC 9305


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