Why choose steel construction

When choosing building materials, steel and concrete often take centre stage. Each with unique advantages, but read more about steel’s versatility below. Discover the benefits of steel construction and why it is an excellent choice for a variety of building applications.

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Functional advantages of steel construction

Fast construction

Steel construction is ideal for rapid project realisation. The construction process is significantly accelerated by prefabrication at our plant. Once on site, the elements only need to be assembled. Our prefab building elements are designed for fast assembly, thanks to pre-punched holes and efficient bolted joints.

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Cold-formed steel is lighter than concrete, resulting in lower loads on foundations, more efficient transport and quick assembly. This makes it ideal for industrial construction projects and exports. The specific profiling of our beams and columns gives the thin cold-formed steel a high load-bearing capacity, resulting in a robust and sturdy building.

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Flexibility in construction

With our modular steel structures, buildings can be easily extended or adapted. Moreover, they offer the possibility of spanning large open spaces of up to 60 metres, which can be arranged and adapted as required. A clear advantage over traditional concrete construction, which is less flexible.

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Excellent Insulation

Steel buildings with insulated sandwich panels offer optimal temperature control, making them ideally suited for environments requiring constant or very low temperatures. Depending on the goods stored, ranging from frozen foods to electronics, we provide insulation solutions that meet strict industry standards in line with specific requirements of each sector.

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Durability and safety advantages of steel

Preservation of investment value

Steel buildings retain their value better over time, especially with proper maintenance, unlike concrete buildings.

sustainable & Circular

Our modular steel structures are easy to adapt and relocate, making them perfect for growing businesses. Moreover, steel is 100% recyclable without sacrificing quality, making our construction method an excellent fit for the circular economy.

Construction safety

Manufacturing our steel prefabricated parts off site significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Steel reaches its maximum strength immediately after installation, ensuring immediate safety in high-risk environments.

Guaranteed production due to large stock

We purchase our steel stock annually in large quantities, ensuring competitive prices and uninterrupted production. Our stock management ensures that sufficient material is always available, avoiding production delays. All our processes, from design to production, take place at our facilities in Belgium (Wijnegem) and Brazil, according to the strictest quality standards.

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Quality and price in balance

By using high-quality steel, we guarantee a sustainable investment, ensuring you a building that meets both your current and future needs. Our prefabricated construction system ensures you have a clear overview of the cost of your steel building. Our efficient production and construction system reduces material, transport and labour costs. Thanks to short delivery and assembly times, the construction process is smooth and with minimal disruption, so your building can be occupied quickly. All this contributes to a quick return on your investment.

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The building process with Frisomat in 10 steps

Discover the 10 steps in the process of an industrial steel building: from your quotation request to the delivery of your building.

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