Our modular steel construction system

Are you looking for a sustainable and flexible solution that can grow with your business? Then choose Frisomat’s modular industrial buildings. With over 45 years of experience in the steel building sector, we offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of industries, including industrial, agricultural and, sports and leisure sectors.

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A hall tailored to the size of your company

Integrated office spaces

Besides a production hall, warehouse or workshop… do you also need offices within the same structure? We create comfortable, efficient workplaces within your building.

Natural Light

The natural light in your building can be adjusted as desired. Options range from transparent light panels to strategically placed windows to optimise light.

Loading docks and canopies

Depending on your operational requirements, we can add loading docks and canopies that increase the functionality of your hall. 

Custom insulation

Depending on the goods stored, from frozen foods to electronics, we offer insulation solutions that meet strict industry standards.

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Why choose Frisomat?

At Frisomat, innovation is key. We understand that every customer is unique and requires a personalised approach:


With decades of experience and projects worldwide, we bring quality and professionalism to every project.


Our buildings are designed to adapt and expand according to your future needs.

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We ensure fast construction without sacrificing quality, minimising disruption to your business.

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The importance of a solid foundation

A solid foundation is essential to the longevity and safety of any building. Our lighter, cold-rolled steel structure offers significant savings on foundation costs compared with traditional structures. There are several foundation options for our steel buildings: concrete floor to exact dimensions, stelcon plates, foundation blocks, legio blocks, existing floor slab, plinth beam…

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Advantages of a Frisomat industrial building

As an international player with 9 branches and activities in over 100 countries, Frisomat is known for its professionalism and expertise. We specialise in the design, manufacture, transport and assembly of innovative industrial buildings made of high-quality cold-rolled steel. Our years of experience in a variety of sectors mean we can give you full support at every stage of the project. We aim for long-term partnerships and give our customers the attention they deserve. What’s more, our buildings offer many advantages:

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Cold-formed galvanised steel as construction material.

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Free spans of up to 60 metres.

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Different sidewall heights available.

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Different types of roof: flat, round or pointed with a pitch of 5.71°, 10° or 22°.

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Different solutions for providing natural light.

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Possibility of integrating ventilation and insulation systems.

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Intermediate floors, solar panels and crane runways can be perfectly integrated.

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Prefabrication = rapid assembly, enabling the building to be commissioned quickly.

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Our buildings are easy to move, adapt or extend.

The building process with Frisomat in 10 steps

Discover the 10 steps in the process of an industrial steel building: from your quotation request to the delivery of your building.

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