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Frisomat specialises in designing steel halls that are tailored to your needs. With over four decades of experience, we know what it takes to create sustainable and circular structures while minimising waste and optimising transportation.
Our team of 35+ experienced engineers oversees the entire engineering process – from design and calculations to 3D modelling and assembly manuals. Easy assembly is key during the design phase, as this later saves you time and money. Our steel buildings are lighter but at the same time more robust, resistant and durable than other steel buildings. They are designed to survive environmental extremes, including earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  
Let us bring your vision to life with a sustainable and efficient design that meets all your needs and even exceeds your expectations. Chat with one of our professionals today to get started.

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At Frisomat, we are committed to providing reliable, high-quality solutions. Our 30,000m2 production facility in Wijnegem (Belgium) and our second production facility in Brazil are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They can operate 24/7 to ensure fast, on-time and error-free production. We prioritise efficiency and speed by reducing our reliance on third-party suppliers. With our large stock of steel coils, we can start producing your steel building straight away and have it ready without delay.  
Our primary and secondary structures are hot-dip galvanised. This ensures maximum durability and resistance to the harshest environmental conditions. The foundations of our structures are optimally designed, which means you need to invest less in preparing the soil. This results in lower costs and faster assembly times. We are committed to producing sustainable, circular, minimal-waste, cost-effective steel building solutions. 

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Imagine your unique building system arriving at your site on time, without delay. That is exactly what we guarantee. Did you know that we can move greater volumes by truck or container because we use compact, cold-formed steel profiles? Our stackable design means we can fit a building up to 1,000m2 in a single 40ft container.
We are committed to on-time deliveries to keep your construction project on schedule and within budget. Because of our global reach, we can deliver your building anywhere in the world. 

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Your time is valuable. That is why we make sure assembly is fast and easy. Our expert team of engineers and builders will support you at every step. Our prefab elements are lightweight which makes assembly easy.  In addition, our structures are galvanised, so there is no need to paint them, which also saves time.
If you want, you can build the structure yourself; we’ll support you with the assembly, to ensure everything is built to perfection. If we have an affiliate near you, we can even assemble for you.  
We want to make sure your experience with us is one you’ll remember fondly. If you decide to assemble your Frisomat building yourself, our supervisors can assist you on site or train your workers at the Frisomat Academy. Contact us today to start planning your sustainable building and make your dream come true! 

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