Cost-effective steel canopies with solar panels

What do you do if your customer wants a photovoltaic array – i.e. solar panels – and a 2500 square metre canopy? Bedford, one of Sideka’s customers, wanted to cover its car park with solar panels. The two businesses went looking for the perfect partner to make this ambitious project cost-effective. Find out how Sideka, a loyal Frisomat dealer, could once again count on our expertise with steel.

A rapid return on investment with a partner that is always reliable

How do you get the most out of a solar array in no time? The Sideka group understands better than anyone that this green assignment requires the right partner. Sideka has been supporting various organisations with their industrial construction projects since 1996. They take the worries off their customers’ hands with project management and energy technology. As a loyal Frisomat dealer, they have been able to build on our powerful steel solutions many times in the past.

A cost-effective solar array and a covered car park

When Sideka was asked to fit a solar array for its customer Bedford, it faced several challenges. There was no space on the roofs of Bedford’s current buildings to install solar panels. They also needed to cut the construction costs to make it genuinely profitable. Frisomat allowed them to kill two birds with one stone.
The result of this successful partnership was a rapidly built, sustainable, galvanised steel canopy for the 2,500 square metre car park, manufactured by Frisomat. Then it was Sideka’s turn to shine: it installed profitable solar panels with a kilowatt peak of 540 on this steel construction. This enabled Bedford to enjoy a cost-effective solar array and a covered car park for its employees in no time.  

Building solution: Structures for solar panels
Frisomat dealer: Sideka
End customer: Bedford
Location: Onsabrück, Duitsland
Area: 2,500m²

Sideka Solar Structure Solarstruct T Exterior Frisomat

No space on your roof to install solar panels that pay for themselves? Find out in this video how Frisomat built the ideal steel structure in no time to generate a fantastic return on investment.

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