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Your poultry in a steel building

If you want to build a poultry house, whether your birds are reared for breeding, laying or as broilers, it’s best to work with an experienced partner. You need to be able to rely on a construction specialist who is familiar with the specific, strict requirements for poultry houses.

Frisomat looks forward to helping you design, produce and assemble the perfect poultry house. We never lose sight of the delicate balance between animal welfare and a high yield. The important aspects of our design include an optimised surface area, high-quality materials and an ideal structure to integrate the specific technological equipment that poultry houses require.

As a producer of modular buildings in cold-formed steel, we are highly committed to innovation. That means that our solutions are always perfectly in line with the wishes of your poultry company.

Our references are the proof!

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Benefits that rule the roost

Agricultural buildings Chicken farm Interior Frisomat
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Climate control in your poultry house thanks to various kinds of insulation.

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Designed to be equipped with energy-efficient ventilation technology.

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Perfect integration with the latest poultry-farming technology.

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Durable, no-maintenance side walls to protect the panels.

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Your poultry house is easy to move, adapt or extend.

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Various types of roof and side walls of different heights.

Our process behind your new building

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Frisomat has everything companies and entrepreneurs need to realise their dreams. Our more than 35-strong engineering and design team will create your dream in steel. 

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With our 30,000m² state-of-the-art automated facilities, we efficiently produce all the building blocks for your steel dream. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we know exactly how to create your dream structure. 

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We deliver your steel dream in the shape of cold-formed steel, which is 30% lighter and 50% less voluminous. This efficient method ensures cost-effective transport and fast delivery of your steel building. 

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Build your dream yourself with our assistance, or leave the assembly to us. If we have an affiliate near you, we’ll assemble your entire steel hall for you. When we bring your vision to life, we focus on efficient and swift construction. 

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A poultry house in Hungary in the picture

Dreams built in steel

There is a story behind every Frisomat steel hall. A story that was usually born out of daring, pride, and creativity.

Ecaterina Hodorogea scaled

Frisomat gave me the solution I needed incredibly fast. Less than three months after I had signed the contract, I had somewhere to store my vehicles and machines.Not only was the delivery very fast, but the building is incredibly practical. It hardly needs any maintenance, which means I can keep concentrating on expanding my business undisturbed.

Agricultural business – Romania

Ecaterina Hodorogea

Llyda Stab Sports Hall Horse Arena Interior Frisomat

We offer all kinds of disciplines, from Western riding to dressage and jumping. So that we could use our riding arena in all weather conditions, we got Frisomat to construct a roof. The sides of the arena were left open. In strong winds or rain, they are automatically closed with a wind screen. That means it’s always pleasant to ride in our covered arena.

Roof for riding arena – Destelbergen, Belgium

Llyda Stab

aircraft buildings industrial steel aviation PEB

To fly a solar plane at an altitude of 25 km requires continuous innovation, says pilot Raphael Domjan. We also wanted to maintain this principle in the construction of our aircraft hangar. Frisomat designed a building 30 m wide, with an extra-large sliding door, so th at we had space to tinker with an aircraft with a 25 m wingspan. Because the project is temporary, we needed a hangar that could be disassembled too. Frisomat’s prefabricated construction system offered a great solution.

Hangar for solar plane – Payerne, Switzerland


Gavin Cronos Multiple Indoor Courts Sports Hall Sports Hall Exterior Frisomat

Building a roof for a padel court entails many material and technical challenges. Frisomat mapped these out and started working on a customised construction plan. With light construction works, Frisomat was able to cover 22 m of court. We made the agreements in December 2021 and the first players were on the court in April 2022 – ready for the new padel season!

Padel court roof – Kontich, Belgium

Meadow Club

Bralico Congo Industrial Hall Warehouse Interior Frisomat

Our brewery had grown significantly and needed extra space. Frisomat’s buildings are galvanized and therefore rust-resistant, which is particularly important for a brewery. Everything was delivered in a short time and assembled under the supervision of a Frisomat representative on site. As a result, we could start our additional production quickly. The buildings can be moved or expanded, so they can continue to grow with our company.

Production hall – Pointe-Noire, Congo-Brazzaville


Loonwerken grondwitloof2

We used to grow our Belgian endives in a tent. That was nice in summer, but cold in winter. We found an alternative through Frisomat. The hangar doubled our growing area, and it doubled our comfort too. As the building is well-insulated, it’s a pleasant working environment. But now this hangar is getting too small… and we are dreaming of further expansion with our own farm shop.

Agricultural business – Wolvertem, Belgium

Loonwerken Grondwitloof de Valck-De Roos

Frisomat Sea Invest

We were happy with previous collaborations, so we contacted Frisomat for a new building in the port of Dakar. This building was erected in less than two months. A challenge we faced was the strong winds and the proximity of salt water that causes rust. Fortunately, Frisomat buildings are made of galvanized steel, so they are very resistant. And a special coating provides additional protection against corrosion. Frisomat met our expectations once again!

Industrial warehouse and office space – Dakar, Senegal


ULM Hall Sports Hall Airplane Hangar Interior Frisomat

For the sports planes and helicopters that use our airport, we installed a Frisomat steel hangar. The building that was constructed was 29 m wide, 25 m deep and 6 m high, enabling us to planes and helicopters without hassle. Due to its clean-span design, several aircraft can be placed next to each other. And thanks to the extra-wide door of 16 m, the aircraft hardly need to manoeuvre when entering and exiting, which is a huge plus!

Aircraft hangar – Aulnat, France

Clermont-Ferrand Airport

warehouse storage building steel industrial

Our company was bursting at the seams, so we were looking for a new warehouse. Frisomat constructed a building of excellent quality, in accordance with the agreements made, says CEO Christophe Jacques. We were really impressed with the price-quality ratio and the fast delivery. As a result, our trust in the Frisomat team has only grown.

Warehouse – Tintigny, Belgium

Parquets Georges Jacques

metal hall agriculture chicken farm frisomat interior slider1

At Frisomat, we chose a metal building with a 10° gable roof. Insulated sandwich panels and built-in fans keep the temperature and air quality under control and create optimal breeding conditions. Feeding and drinking systems were easy to integrate. The minimum maintenance costs help us to function sustainably as a company.

Rol Big Poland

Poultry house – Brzeźno, Poland

Ice 3

Our Ice Sculpture Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Antwerp, Bruges and Liège each year. We used to hold the festival in tents, but as the number of visitors and sculptures has continued to grow, a steel structure seemed like a much safer, firmer and stronger idea. The fact that our energy costs have dropped thanks to the high-quality insulation in the Frisomat building is an added bonus!

Temporary building – Belgium

Ice Sculpture Festival

storage metal hall sports buildings industrial

For our sailing club in Hofstade, we needed a hangar to store boats. We found one at Frisomat: a steel building with a gable roof of 22°, 16 metres wide, 2.5 metres high and up to 32 metres long! The new hangar can accommodate about 50 sailing boats. It also has a changing room, toilet facilities and a club room with panoramic views of the lake… so let those sailors come!

Storage building – Hofstade, Belgium


storage buildings potato metal PESB steel

Frisomat had already built two storage facilities for us: one for 2,000 tonnes of potatoes, and another for 12,000 tonnes of grain. Now we have ordered a new storage building for 10,000 tonnes of potatoes. We know from experience that Frisomat works quickly and that the steel used for the buildings is the best on the market. Our products and growth ambitions are in good hands at Frisomat, according to Tom van Goey, Director of Granex.

Potato storage building – Cherkasy, Ukraine


GFA de Forton2

We ordered three new buildings: a wine cellar, a packaging and bottle storage facility, and a garage for the harvesting machines and advanced equipment. Quality, temperature control and integration into the landscape were all important considerations. The production and storage buildings with insulated walls and roofs were completed within 12 weeks,  which was in time for our autumn production!

Winery – Beaucaire, France

GFA de Forton

sports leisure building tennis court industrial copy

For our tennis hall, width and durability were the key words. Frisomat designed, produced and installed a metal building housing several tennis courts. Several well-known players came to the opening. Karol Beck, Davis Cup player, said: “I’m pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the building. It’s simple but versatile, and also well lit – it’s just perfect!”

Sports hall – Kremnica, Slovakia

MM Stavebniny Trade sro




Your poultry will be roosting before you know it

We manage the entire construction process for your steel showroom or workshop. Your fixed contact person is looking forward to helping you find the best solution. Delivery of your company building is easier than ever with our ultramodern technology based on cold-formed steel and a modular design.

If we have an affiliate near you, we can take care of the entire assembly process. Would you prefer to assemble the building yourself? No problem! We will teach you exactly how to do it at our Frisomat Academy.

We’re the right people to call if you want to move to a different location. Our unique constructions are designed to be easily adaptable. It’s simple to build, dismantle, transport, rebuild and extend your steel poultry house. So moving to new premises is a piece of cake. With our buildings, your poultry dreams will reach unprecedented heights.

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The building process with Frisomat in 10 steps

Discover the 10 steps in the process of an industrial steel building: from your quotation request to the delivery of your building.

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