Airplane hangar

Customisable and adaptable

Need an airplane hangar to store your aircrafts? We understand that turning your aerial ambitions into reality can be challenging. That is why our solutions can be tailored to fit your needs. You can enjoy a custom-designed hangar with the perfect layout for smooth and efficient operations.  
Our airplane hangars are made of high-quality, customisable materials – the ideal shelter for your ambitions. And if you want to expand or update your collection of planes, you can change your hangar at any time to fit planes’ specific dimensions.  
We want to help you realise your dreams with a reliable and efficient solution. So, are you ready to fly? Let’s take off together.

Our process behind your new building

In full control, owning every stage


Frisomat has everything companies and entrepreneurs need to realise their dreams. Our more than 35-strong engineering and design team will create your dream in steel. 

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With our 30,000m² state-of-the-art automated facilities, we efficiently produce all the building blocks for your steel dream. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we know exactly how to create your dream structure. 

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We deliver your steel dream in the shape of cold-formed steel, which is 30% lighter and 50% less voluminous. This efficient method ensures cost-effective transport and fast delivery of your steel building. 

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Build your dream yourself with our assistance, or leave the assembly to us. If we have an affiliate near you, we’ll assemble your entire steel hall for you. When we bring your vision to life, we focus on efficient and swift construction. 

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Let’s discuss your project

Frisomat offers the perfect solution for your steel hall needs. Our unique building system allows for quick and efficient assembly, bringing your dreams to life in no time.

Your benefits at a glance

30% less steel, but as robust as conventional steel airplane hangars.

Clear spans of up to 60m and different sidewall heights.

Roofs with flat, round, or pitch angles of 10° or 22°.

Effortless access and manoeuvrability with Frisomat XL doors®.

Optimal connection to the runway.

Climate-controlled with different types of insulation or ventilation systems.

Customer testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us in their own words. Because honesty and transparency are important to us.

It is price quality. I would recommend Frisomat to every business owner.

Business owner

Jan Vandenberg

It is price quality. I would recommend Frisomat to every b

Business owner

Jan Vandenberg

It is price quality. I would recommend Frisomat to every business owner.

Business owner

Jan Vandenberg

It is price quality. I would

Business owner

Jan Vandenberg



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Airplane hangars built by us

Clermont-Ferrand airport is in the French region of the Auvergne. Both holiday and private flights take off from its three runways. The sport aircraft and helicopters that use this airport are housed in a steel Frisomat building. Being 29 metres wide, 25 metres long and 6 metres high means there is no problem parking fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. Thanks to the clear span several of them fit in side by side and they are all secure and dry in the robust steel construction.

Before you know it, you can get started

We manage the entire process of building your hangar. You are assigned a dedicated contact person who is ready to advise you and help you find the right solution. Delivery of your hangar is swift, thanks to our state-of-the-art cold-rolled steel technology and modular design.  
If we have an affiliate near you, we can even assemble everything for you. Would you prefer to assemble your hangar yourself? No problem, our Frisomat Academy can teach you exactly how to do so.  
Even if you need to move to a new location, we’ve got you covered. Our unique systems are designed to be adaptable. Your hangar is easy to build, take apart, transport, rebuild, and expand, so relocating is no trouble at all. With our hangar, your goals can keep evolving.

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