Advantages of a steel industrial building

Building an industrial building is a significant investment. At Frisomat, we focus on designing and manufacturing steel buildings of the highest quality. A steel industrial building is a practical and versatile solution, tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you need a production hall, agricultural hangar, aircraft hangar or showroom, we offer a sustainable solution that grows with your ambitions.

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Speed and efficiency in construction

Many entrepreneurs choose steel industrial buildings because of their quick return on investment. Thanks to a short construction process, your building is up and running quickly, ensuring a quick return on investment. The accelerated construction process comes through:


All components are manufactured in advance in our factory, allowing for quick assembly on site.

Short preparation time

Cold-formed steel is a strong but light construction material, requiring less heavy foundations than traditional construction methods. As a result, your building site will be ready for use much faster.

Cold-formed steel

We use cold-formed (CFS), galvanised steel. A major advantage over hot-rolled steel is that it requires no post-treatment, making it ready for use and construction faster.

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Ready-to-use immediately

Unlike concrete, steel needs no drying time, making the building ready for use immediately after assembly.

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A personal touch

Frisomat steel buildings offer the possibility of working with large spans of up to 60 metres without intermediate columns, ensuring optimal space utilisation. These buildings can therefore be efficiently designed and adapted to your organisation’s needs. Whether it is livestock housing, an efficient storage area or an elegant showroom. Each building is precisely tailored to your specific operational requirements.

The personalisation options are extensive: from choices in insulation and natural light to seamlessly integrating office space. There are also aesthetic adjustments such as roof type, cladding and colours to reflect your corporate identity. With Frisomat, you turn any building into a functional and visual representation of your brand and corporate culture.

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Sustainable building

Steel is a more environmentally friendly option compared to many traditional building materials:

Less waste & 100% recyclable

Our steel elements are tailor-made in the factory, which minimises waste on site. In addition, steel can be fully recycled without loss of quality.

Efficient transport

By using our lighter and easily stackable construction material, we reduce CO2 emissions because fewer trucks are needed.


Galvanised steel was coated with a protective zinc coating, providing long-term protection and requiring minimal maintenance.

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Modular design

Our buildings are easy to expand or adapt to changing business needs.

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The building process with Frisomat in 10 steps

Discover the 10 steps in the process of an industrial steel building: from your quotation request to the delivery of your building.

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